All About Daisy

Monday, June 09, 2008

Stupid Camera

I realize I need to "relaunch" this blog and let everyone know that I will be posting pictures again.

Shortly after my trip to Europe, our camera decided to konk out on us. It doesn't like batteries, even if they're new. It seems we have limited time before it shuts off. I guess three years is about as much as you can ask from a digital camera. No? Just ours? Sigh. Okay.

But this blog isn't called "All About Our Stupid Camera," so here's what you came here for:

Daisy at the park.

Another funny face.

No, Mom. I *don't* want to leave.

I swear I left the bathroom for 15 seconds.

Okay, maybe 20 seconds. Maybe.

At the SF Zoo a few weeks ago, sharing an "elephant ride" with her friend, Sophia. When it came to the real live animals, she was less generous:
"My (insert animal name here: Zebra, Giraffe, Lion, Monkey)!!! NOT yours!"
A charmer, isn't she?