All About Daisy

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Two's Aren't So Terrible

But the blogging sure has been! My apologies at the lack of posts and pics here, but I resolve to do better (*I know, I always say that).

Daisy turned two on Easter, which also happened to be the day that Mommy came back home from her 9 day British Isles trip. It was a very nice homecoming. While I was gone, Grandma and Grandpa Surla came to help Daddy take care of Daisy. All of these pictures come from their camera... thanks you two!

Isn't she an Easter Cutie??

Cuddling with Grandpa.

Helping Daddy wash the car.

Strapping Daisy into her seat can be a two person job.

Birthday Girl. Birthday Hat. And Mommy hiding in the background.

Two candles. Two years gone by already.

Daisy is battling some sort of virus right now that is giving her a fever. Or maybe it's her two year molars. No one can be quite sure. I'm really praying that tonight is the night she shakes this thing so that we can have a nice get-together this weekend in celebration of Daisy's birthday (it would have been last weekend, but the illness nixed that). If you haven't heard from me yet, it's not because I don't like you; things are just up in the air do to her not feeling well. I hope to make some concrete plans and phone calls to everyone tomorrow. Cross your fingers for a well Daisy and a fun weekend.