All About Daisy

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Daisy 'n Pals

Daisy and I visited with some friends today. There are three babies who were born with about 8 weeks of each other- Daisy is the oldest, then the little boy Justin(in the middle), and then Sophia.

Daisy played on Sophia's activity mat. She liked it a lot, and I got a few good close-ups.

Daisy Days

Daisy is a little over 3 months old now. She sits up with help, and rolls from tummy to back. She can do a sort of "scoot," where she lays on her back and pushes with her feet, but she doesn't go far. She loves her activity aquarium, and is really getting interested in toys. She can push the music button on one of her fishies all by herself.
Summer is here, so it's just Daisy and Mommy durring the day. Getting off work was bittersweet. I love being at home with Daisy, but it was hard to say goodbye to Grandma Surla. She was so much help, and Daisy enjoyed her so much. Grandma and Grandpa call and "talk" to Daisy often, though, and I'm sure we'll see them for a visit in a few months.

This is Grandpa Surla saying goodbye to Daisy when we dropped off Grandma in Reno:

And here's Grandma saying bye-bye:

This is Daisy in one of her beautiful Sunday dresses. She is getting into the habbit of grabbing the hem and pulling her dress up over her face. Let's hope she grows out of that:

Another picture with Daddy:

Her latest accomplishment: sucking her bottom lip in and puffing out her cheeks. Pretty cute, huh?

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Seriously Cute

So cute, it's scary, really...

Daisy Smiles are hard to catch on camera.

But every once in a while, Mommy and Daddy get lucky.

I love that crazy Daddy!

And I love Grandma Surla. She is watching me while Mommy finishes the school year. We have so much fun together!

Mommy loves this picture of me and my silly hair. It's especially crazy after a bath...

Mommy has been really bad at updating this site- which is a shame, because NO ONE should miss out on how much I'm growing! She swears she'll try to be better in the future.