All About Daisy

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

First Haircut

I didn't want to have her hair cut, but we had to do something about Miss Tumbleweed Head. It was in her eyes all the time, and the back was matted up every time I turned around. I was not going to cut it myself, because I took a sacred oath to never cut my children's hair long before Daisy was born. No offense if you're reading this, Mom, but "mom-cuts" can be really, really bad. Witness this, for instance:

It makes me wonder- did I squirm THAT much, or did Mom use a weed-whacker? I must have blocked it out. ;)

I left the weed-whacking to the professionals when it came to Daisy. And she did pretty well, I have to say- she did not want to wear the drape, and she certainly did not want to sit on the booster seat, but once we arranged it so that she could sit on me (and have a lollipop) everything was fine.

The before.

Getting acquainted with her stylist, Melissa.

Snip, snip.

Snip, snip.

All done! Cute as a bug's ear, right?

Okay, so maybe you can't tell much of a difference, but I assure you, the hair is no longer in her eyes, the sides have cute little kicky flips (instead of Flying Nun-like wings), and the back has been layered so that it lays neater and flatter.

I'm amazed at how much it makes her look like a little girl.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Two Tub Performances

Mostly from Momma. With Daisy accompaniment.
Scroll down to see the second video.