All About Daisy

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Messy Daisy

It's bad news when she gets too quiet. It means she's up to something...

But I won't pretend that she only makes a mess when I'm not watching. Here she is, completely supervised. She is drinking a carton of yogurt. It's the only way she'll eat it:

She cleans up real nice, though. Here's her little "Diva" bathrobe that Grandma and Grandpa Surla bought her. I think she really likes having it tied around her little waist.

Monday, August 13, 2007

China Doll

I went to SF last week with a friend, and when we were in Chinatown, we saw this dress... I couldn't pass it up.

The Chinese man who sold me the dress suggested the size based on Daisy's age.. and I should have known that would be too big, but I figured it would let her wear it longer. Boy, was I right! The dress went down to her ankles and the shoes were ridiculously big, even with Momma stuffing them full of tissue.

Oh well, maybe Halloween.